Troubling Update:

MX Properties, Inc has recently been contacted by an individual who supposedly has some type of link to the serious matter at hand involving attorney Carmen De Souza. In these communications, this man, who we cannot identify because he is not named in either of Carmen De Souza's letters, openly threatened MX Properties. This "gentleman" used the word "crime" in his emails in reference to MX Properties. For the record, MX Properties has done absolutely nothing wrong throughout the saga of this matter and strongly refutes any insinuations made by this individual who possibly has some part in this catastrophe and is trying to deflect attention away from himself by using bully techniques and spreading lies. MX Properties from the very beginning has acted in complete good faith in accordance with the directives delivered by Carmen De Souza and has fully complied with her 16/11/2016 letter as shown below.

During November 2016, MX Properties, Inc was contacted by its consultant, Mr John S Diak regarding his ongoing efforts to commence funding that he had been working on since September 2015. Up until this point, Mr Diak had been unsuccessful in closing any transaction that he had worked on previously for MX. During this call, Mr Diak finally felt that the initial transaction for MX Properties would now be closed. This initial funding was to be in the amount of $5mm EURO followed by another $10-12mm EURO. MX Properties' officials were elated to hear such positive news. That said, we became very cautious and nervous when Mr Diak informed us that Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen De Souza was demanding $11000 to complete the transaction. Up to this point, MX and its affiliates had already funded over $1mm in programs that John Diak had been working on unsuccessfully; thus, there was good reason for concern on its part. MX told Mr Diak of its reservations regarding sending even more funds without confirmation that its transaction would finally be completed. When MX Properties requested confirmation in writing that its funds would be released, Mr Diak said that he would obtain a letter confirming that indeed the MX transaction would  be completed this time. 

So on 16/11/2016, we received a demand / inducement letter addressed to John S Diak from Carmen De Souza stating that as soon as $11000 for undisclosed "fees" were paid, MX initial funds in the amount of $5mm EURO would be released "IMMEDIATELY".  As noted in the above first paragraph, MX Properties, Inc very promptly complied with Ms De Souza's letter and wired the demanded funds to the coordinates she requested. Promptly thereafter, MX received another letter dated 18/11/2016 from Carmen De Souza that stated "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing the payments". At this point in time, MX Properties felt quite confident that finally its transaction would begin to close seeing that an attorney had made demand and then confirmed the release of its funds. However, a few days went by and MX failed to receive any funds nor was it updated on the status of the transaction at hand. Days became weeks and weeks became months with still no resolution. Throughout this entire time period, MX Properties used its best efforts to continually contact Ms De Souza to obtain the status of affairs. MX received absolutely no response from Ms De Souza and only received broken promises from Mr Diak.

MX calls upon Carmen De Souza to show good faith and ensure that the transaction is completed as set forth in her letters.